Team Iron

Iron Man

War Machine

Black Panther

Black Widow

The Vision


Civil War is one of the biggest events in Marvel Universe. An absolute separation. Really high number of characters are mentioned in the comic book. Here I visualize the teams of Civil War for Marvel's Cinematic Universe.
Data collected from Superhero Database and according to user entries 'uSTATS' values are taken into account. Values may have changed over time.
I know that this visualization shows the Team Cap weak. But this is what geeks said. The data used is HERE. The movie and also the comic book may tell a different story, don't be panic. These are superheroes everything about them are relative.
Very Special Thanks to Visual Cinnamon
Who did this? Seyit Zor #bioinzhener

Team Cap

Captain America

Bucky Barnes

Scarlet Witch



Sharon Carter